Bike with Bill

Are you interested in a vigorous morning bike ride?

Bill leaves between 10 and 10:30 am.

He rides on weekdays at around 10 am on mornings are over 32 degrees (neither snowing nor raining) and travels 18 miles roundtrip in 1.75 hours, He leaves from Woodley Park, down Cathedral, onto the Rock Creek Parkway bike trail, across the Memorial Bridge, onto the Mount Vernon Trail, to the Washington Sailing Marina off the GW Parkway.   Same route back.

On weekends, he bikes down Klingle Valley Trail to Beach Drive, up Ridge Road, down Grant, up Broad Branch into 27th and Utah Ave, across Tennyson, ending at the Knollwood Retirement Community.  His return trip is slightly different.  The total is 14 miles in about 1.5 hours due to steep hills.Email William B. Menczer  at to let him know that you would like to join him.

Biking at your own risk–if you decide you want to join Bill, keep in mind that neither Bill, nor Iona Senior Services, nor Around Town DC is responsible for your health or safety.