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The Department of Aging and Community Living (DACL) is planning the 5th Annual DC Brain Games! The DC Brain Games is a city-wide trivia competition inspired by Tennessee’s Senior Brain Games to promote brain health and aging. Below is the instructional guide and timeline for 2022 Brain Games.

Between now and August 1, we are recruiting teams to compete amongst each other in a ward-wide trivia competition for the Phase I round of Brain Games, which will commence between August 6 and September 2. Please be on the lookout for the Teams Orientation Training calendar invite, which will take place during the week of July 25. DACL will also release the trivia questions this week.

Please register below if you would like to participate. The Iona/Around Town DC Program will be hosted at St. Alban’s, but we will also welcome virtual/zoom participants. The first meeting will be on Tuesday, July 19th at 10:00 am.

District of Columbia Department of Aging and Community Living (DACL) Brain Games Training Guide

Roles and Responsibilities

In Phase I, DACL Grantees will host Brain Games on site and will ensure that Zoom, WebEx, or Microsoft Teams is set up, have tables, a projector, and microphones ready for participants.

DACL staff will ensure that the Lead Agency Representative has the questions, computers, the gaming system, Kahoot, with screen sharing capabilities, a tripod, and certificates for the participants.

Rules and Instructions for the Senior Brain Games

Phase I will consist of a game with up to four teams playing against each other. Each team will consist of three members with an optional alternate player. The winning team will be the team with the most points and who is in first place via the Kahoot system. If there are more than two winning teams, sites may have multiple games with the winners.

For example, if there are four teams in total, Team A may play Team B and Team C may play Team D, then the winning teams from each of those games will play against each other to the Phase I winner.

Each game will have a total of five rounds with ten (10) questions game from a variety of categories.

During each round, the host will ask a question to the competing teams. The team must select the answer as soon as they know the answer. The system ranks and gives points based on who answers the quickest and selects the correct answer.

Additional Information:

There will be different questions for Phase I and II competitions.

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