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This fall, musician and dynamic instructor, John Linn, will be offering another of his popular Ukulele classes. Let us know what your Ukulele skills are by completing the form below. Uke 1 will meet from 10:0-11:15 and Uke 2 will meet from 11:30-12:45 pm.

Ukulele 1 is designed for beginning students, while Uke 2 is designed for students who already have some basic ability with the ukulele (e.g., knowledge of a few chords and the ability to do a bit of strumming) or for students who have completed Ukulele I.  In Ukulele 2, you will continue to expand your repertoire of chords and right hand strumming options.  You will also learn to read a ukulele-specific notation called Tablature, which will help you to play melodies on the ukulele.  We will apply our knowledge as a group, learning two songs.  There is an optional group project at the end of the class, in which we will create a group video with one of the songs using the Acapella app.  To participate in the final project, you will need access to an iPhone or iPad, but the class is open to everyone!

Class size is limited. Express your interest in the program by completing the form below. We will confirm your enrollment before the class begins.

Please note, we are not able to supply instruments. If you do not have your own Uke, feel free to order one from Middle C Music.

This program is now closed.

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