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Join Courtney Tolbert as she convers a variety of interesting themes in her weekly Monday workshops. Topics have included the people and culture of India, Asia, and Africa. Once you are registered for one of Courtney’s Monday talks, you will remain on the list; no need to re-register.

This Zoom discussion will allow you to see your friends and Courtney! Meet others. You can access Zoom through your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Mondays-Dog Days of August-exploring the evolution of the domestic dog and our relationship to them

August 2-Brea Tar pits and the Dire Wolf what thousands of years tell us about dogs.

August 9-What makes a dog a dog?

August 16- From Wild to domestic-tracing the evolutionary process

August 23- Types of Dogs all over the world

August 30-Fascinating stories with dogs and their companions

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