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“How do we make it through life’s losses and broken dreams? How do we figure out who we are afterward? How do we incorporate these losses, many of them tragic, and move on in life with renewed love and joy?  How do we find meaning in our life after we experience a loss?  How do we remember?

Grieving is the way.”

Grief comes and goes throughout our entire life. It is natural to all of us, it helps us to incorporate our losses into our lives, and then helps us to move on in a changed and sometimes completely new way. It helps us to remember. It is as powerful as love. It is love.

In Julie’s book, you will learn practical ways to harness the power of grief, and most important, you will come to better understand your grief experience and to better appreciate your own ways to grieve.

Julie Potter is a certified social worker with experience in health care including home care, hospice, nursing home and hospital settings. For 20 years, she coordinated the Sibley Senior Association, a hospital-based wellness program for people 60 and over, and Widowed Persons Outreach, a spousal bereavement program.  She was honored to receive two awards from Sibley Hospital for her work, and the Seabury Leadership in Aging Award in 2013. She received her BA from the George Washington University, and her Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan.

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Harnessing the Power of Grief

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