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Improv offers the opportunity to meet other fun people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Its lessons of agreement, empathy, and positivity help us to build connections with others and the world around us, as we laugh the whole time!

TOPHER has coached hundreds of artistic teams and professional clients and taught thousands of students to be more confident in their abilities to tell truthful stories that compel audiences, large and small to act.

Every day and from moment to moment, we are all improvising our lives. Deliberately practicing improv shows us more possibilities in situations and allows us to work together so that active listening, agreement, and positivity lead to trust. He uses the first rule of improv, “Yes, and” to illuminate the value of supporting others’ ideas.
Topher graduated with honors in Theatre and American Government from Wesleyan University and his Senior Class President speech was excerpted in The New York Times and on NBC Nightly News. He founded the Washington Improv Theater Training Program in Washington, DC. His company, “Only Connect,” has been consulting with teams of all types since 2000.

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