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Computers are part of everything we do in our everyday lives. Whether you’re a beginning or advanced learner, taking basic computer workshops online can enhance your skill, and quality of life, and even help live well and age well in a technology-driven world. These weekly tech workshops will focus on everyday technology and you will leave the program feeling infor Topics:

  1. December 5th, How to use Instagram:

In this session of Tech Tuesday we will learn how to use the social media application Instagram. Instagram is a great resource for sharing pictures, videos and connecting with friends and family.

2. December 12th, How to more effectively use your email service:

Many of us already know the basics of email but in this session, we will learn how to enhance our email experience. We will learn how to create folders, reduce spam, and delete unnecessary emails.

3. December 19, Photo sharing and editing applications:

This session will be part 2 of our series on photo applications. We will learn how to edit, organize, and create presentations to digitally share our photos with friends and family during the holiday season!

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