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For 30 years, the Center for Mind-Body Medicine has been leading groups in Mind-Body Skills Training.  These groups are the gold standard for treating population wide trauma, but they work similarly for individuals who have experienced trauma.  The COVID-19 pandemic has provided us with world-wide trauma from which we are only beginning to come out of after more than a year.  In this talk, Dr. Amy Kossoff will discuss the basics about why the skills taught in these groups are so helpful and explain some of the science behind the process.  She will then teach one of our core skills in a participatory activity. If you would like to join a mind-body skills group and broaden your  experience, contact Dr. Kossoff at 301-502-1696 or at amykossoff@1440health.com.

More about the Center:
The Center for Mind-Body Medicine teaches clinicians, educators, and community leaders to use the techniques of mind-body medicine (meditation, guided imagery, yoga and exercise, biofeedback); self-expression in words, drawings, and movement; and small group support to deal with their own stress and trauma. Then they teach them how to use the CMBM model with the populations they serve. Their 150+ faculty provide ongoing support and supervision as practitioners successfully integrate our model into their work with children and adults in hospitals, clinics, schools, and social service agencies.

The CMBM model is

  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Learn & Teach to Others
  • Preventive & Therapeutic
  • Being Implemented Nationwide
  • Not Dependent Upon Medication
  • Grounded in Psychobiology

This is a Virtual Event