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On Monday, August 17th, Darlyn Szczepanik will be hosting a Zoom cooking class called “Let’s Make it Meatless!” The interactive session features a hearty vegetarian meal made cool and refreshing for hot summer evenings. You are invited to join Darlyn as she prepares a fresh and flavorful Thai-inspired menu from her home. Recipes and nutrition information will be provided. Questions encouraged.

Darlyn Szczepanik is a Nutrition graduate student completing her dietetics internship at Marywood University.  She holds a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Food Science from University of Maryland, College Park. She worked as the Faculty Assistant in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at UMCP where she was the Second Instructor for Foodservice Operations Management and the Teaching Assistant for Nutritional Assessment. Her areas of professional interest are food and nutrition systems, diabetes education, and health and wellness promotion. Darlyn enjoys recipe development, community health, and nutrition communications. She aims to have a successful private practice as a registered dietitian nutritionist after completing her internship in 2021. Darlyn is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and and currently completing a 5-week dietetics internship rotation at Iona.org.

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Let's Make it Meatless with Darlyn

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