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This group of friends come together to create art, reflect and help each other stay sane in a mad mad world. The collective grew organically around a hardcore group regularly meeting at Anka’s Sky studio as each of us transitioned in their lives. There were changing careers, retirement from the demands of office life, family responsibilities shifting to another generation, health issues, the passage of time. For this exhibition the collective is joined by three special friends whose third acts bend towards profound creativity. In their work they tell stories, share thoughts, feelings and observations too long silenced by the business of daily life.    

The group will join us on Zoom on Thursday, March 23 at 3:00 PM to discuss their work.

The gallery will be open for viewing artwork in-person from Monday-Friday from 9:00 am-5:00 PM through Monday, May 31st. Featured artists include: Camila Bryce-Laporte, Vivian Cavalieri, Louise Stoner Crawford, Barbara Elkus, Yoon Jung Park, Judy Schlosser, Stacy Yochum, and Anka Zaremba. Works include the political, playful, still lives and landscapes, figures and florals, drawn, painted in watercolor or pastel, assembled, collaged and stitched. 25% of the proceeds supports the work of Iona Senior Services. Questions? Contact Lena Frumin at Lfrumin@iona.org or call 202.895.9448. 

Photo: left to right–Barbara Elkus, Anka Zaremba, Judy Schlosser, Yoon Park, Louise Stoner Crawford 

This is a Virtual Event