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The only thing certain for the 2024 presidential election is uncertainty. Will Donald Trump ride a wave of discontent over President Biden back into the White House?
Or will he be serving a lengthy prison sentence (or two)? And the uncertainty is not just on the Republican side. Joe Biden is no shoe-in according to the polls.
And his continuing health, mobility and mental acuity may come into play. Moment Magazine’s Dan Freedman breaks it all down.

Plenty of time for Q&A and general discussion.

Dan Freedman

Before joining Moment in. 2020, Dan worked in the DC bureau of Hearst Newspapers for 30-plus years, covering politics, the White House, and the Supreme Court. He covered presidential nominating conventions in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston, and was at the Supreme Court the night they handed down Bush v. Gore in 2000, which gave Florida (and there election) to President George W. Bush.And he was in the Senate hearing room in 1991 where Anita Hill testified against the confirmation of Justice Clarence Thomas.
He has a few things to say you don’t already know from watching MSNBC, Fox or CNN!

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