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Joyce Bolden, a member of DOROT’s Pearls of Wisdom, will tell share with us how she learned to swim in high school, but stopped because of numerous medical issues. She grew to became a successful competitive swimmer.  A lively discussion will follow the story.

The Pearls of Wisdom are a touring ensemble of storytellers who bring history alive by using the wisdom and experience of older adults from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Rooted in the ancient tradition of storytelling, these treasured folk artists weave compassionate, often humorous, sometimes emotional and inspiring tales from their diverse heritages. Their stories bring history to life for listeners of all ages, illuminating not just their individual pasts but their collective experience. In addition to storytelling, the Pearls engage in call and response poems at the beginning and end of each program and lead a question and answer period following their presentation. The objective is to leave the audience with a new-found perspective on their own individual legacy stories and words of wisdom. DOROT affirms the time-honored role of older adults as bearers of history and culture, applying the power of the arts to transmit stories and life experiences to communities throughout NYC.

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Storytelling Workshop

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