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Join us for a virtual trip to Canada hosted by Jennie Gosche´, polar bear photographer and advocate. Jennie has visited Canada three times to photograph polar bears in 2010, 2019, and 2020. Canada has the highest number of polar bears of all five nations where polar bears live. Jennie’s passion for polar bears began in November, 2010, when she visited Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. She returned to Nunavut, Canada in 2019. And in February, 2020, Jennie went to Wapusk National Park in Manitoba to photograph polar bear mothers and very small cubs who had just emerged from their birthing dens. It was a rare trip to the Arctic in the winter. Join us to learn more about polar bears and the Arctic.

Jennie Gosche´ is a social worker and wildlife photographer and advocate. She founded Polar Bear Pals™ in 2012,  and devotes time and donates money to wildlife and environmental organizations in her quest to educate people about polar bears and how we can help them survive in a warming world.

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