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This course introduces students to contemporary watercolor painting techniques and concepts with emphasis on the understanding of its formal language and the fundamentals of artistic expression with watercolor. Designed for those who have no or little experience in watercolor, this course will focus on getting comfortable with watercolor painting techniques and enjoying the process of painting.  The basics of materials, tools, techniques, color, value and “seeing” your subject will be explored.  The class is designed to be fun and inspirational and will focus on how to relax and enjoy the process of painting. This class will be taught by instructor Dominique Hughes of the Zola Monroe Art Group, LLC.

Suggested Supply List:

Brushes:(Taklon, synthetic or sable, any brand)

  • Flat wash – 3/4 or 1 inch preferred
  • Round #8 or #10
  • Round #6 or smaller


  • any style white, plastic or porcelain

Paints The following is a suggested basic palette:

  • Cool Red – Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Magenta
  • Warm Red – Cadmium Red Light, Light Red or Vermillion
  • Cool Blue: Ultramarine Blue
  • Warm Blue: Thalo Bue
  • Warm Yellow: Yellow Ochre or Raw Sienna
  • Cool Yellow: Light Yellow
  • Earths: Sepia, Burnt Sienna or Quinacridone Sienna

Watercolor Paper:

  • 30 sheets of Arches 140 lb. or  any watercolor paper of your choice

Mounting Board:

  • Either bring a stiff board and clamps, or Incredible Art Board or cardboard to staple mount your paper.


  • 2H and 6B

Kneaded Eraser:

  • Gray Putty Eraser


  • Note paper and blank sketching paper
  • Viva Paper Towels
  • Masking Tape for mounting paper (or) Stapler for paper mounting
  • Large Water Container (#10 coffee can, or bucket)
  • Small towel or sponge for blotting water from brush
  • Table Easel if you have one

My typical palette. (I do not require you to have all these pigments): Carbazole Violet, Quin. Coral, Quin Magenta, Cad. Red Light, Cad Orange, Cad. Yellow Light, New Gamboge, Yellow Ochre, Naples Yellow, Ultramarine blue, Cobalt blue, Thalo blue, Cerulean blue, Sap green, Quin. Gold, Quin. Sienna, Quin. Scarlet, Sepia.

Dominique's palette

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