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This class is for students who have completed Ukulele II or for intermediate-level ukulele players (i.e., students who can strum and change chords with relative ease and are familiar with basic musical notation).  In this class, we will learn more advanced left-hand chords up the neck of the guitar, including barre chords and 7th chords.  We will use some of these chords to learn the jazz standard Autumn Leaves.  We will learn the chords and melody to a simple song, The Weight (by The Band), and then use that song to discover the close connection between scales, melodies and chords, thereby gently introducing the idea of a “key” in music. Briefly, we will also explore new left-hand ornaments, such as slurs (hammer-ons/pull-offs) and slides.  There is an optional group project at the end of the class, in which we will create a group video with one of the songs using the Acapella app.  To participate in the final project, you will need access to an iPhone or iPad, but the class is open to everyone!

Class size is limited.

Please note, we are not able to supply instruments. If you do not have your own Uke, feel free to order one from Middle C Music.

This event has passed.

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