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The Canadian province of Québec is a vibrant modern North American society that is often misunderstood or taken for granted. This talk will touch on the many facets that account for both the strengths and the vulnerabilities of la belle province. We’ll look briefly at the history of Québec, starting with Jacques Cartier’s arrival in what would become New France and continue up through the defeat at the hands of the British at Quebec City in 1759, and on through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, when the rivalry between the English and French languages sometimes reached the boiling point. This historical glimpse of Quebec will be put in context by presenting the poetry, fiction, theater, and music of the province.

Steve Moyer has studied French language and culture at American University and the University of Montreal and is managing editor of Humanities magazine and has worked as a translator for the Embassy of France in the United States and for the Alliance Française of Paris.


This is a Virtual Event