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Join Smita Khatri for a 1-hour movement experience combining dance and yoga. First half of class: feel your spirits lift as we dance (simple steps, low impact) to joyful, inspiring, and soothing music selections from around the world. Second half of class: tune in more deeply to the body and breath with slow and gentle somatic-based yoga sequences. Each class will begin with a short expressive and creative movement exploration to introduce ourselves and see one another via Zoom. You have complete choice and freedom in this class, and you are always encouraged to listen to and honor your body’s wisdom. This class is suitable for all levels, and includes standing as well as getting up and down from the floor. Please bring a yoga mat and/or a chair, and a towel or small blanket.

Smita Khatri has taught dance since 2007, and yoga since 2016, for various populations and settings — schools and senior centers, jails and hospitals, festivals and community events, as well as fitness centers and retreat centers in the U.S. and abroad. Smita’s teaching is influenced by a mixture of modalities, ranging from Indian folk dance and Nia dance, to Yin Yoga and gentle somatic-based Yoga. Currently, she is taking graduate-level courses in dance/movement therapy.

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I take complete responsibility for my presence and I will not hold SPIRIT Club, Iona Senior Services, or those affiliated with this class responsible for any injuries or loss I may incur as a result of my participation in yoga class now or in the future.

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