Zumba Gold with Ruth at West End Library

A fun, dynamic dance exercise class. The class introduces easy-to-follow Zumba® moves at a lower intensity designed for older adults.

Zumba Gold with Ruth at West End Library2024-03-06T09:32:04-05:00

Events in the Community: Undesign the Redline

Free, public events held in connection with the Undesign the Redline exhibit will explore the racial history of upper Northwest DC and create opportunities for community-building and further discussion about how we can take action to repair the breach. 

Events in the Community: Undesign the Redline2024-04-17T12:42:00-04:00

Walking Tour with Transportation: Arboretum with Jane K.

Explore the natural beauty and rich biodiversity of the DC Arboretum on this captivating walking tour. Wander through lush gardens, tranquil ponds, and wooded pathways while learning about the diverse flora and fauna that call this urban oasis home. Marvel at stunning displays of colorful flowers, towering trees, and exotic plants from around the world. Expert guides provide fascinating insights into the Arboretum's history, conservation efforts, and botanical research. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, avid photographer, or simply seeking a peaceful escape from the city hustle, this walking tour offers a delightful journey through one of Washington DC's hidden gems.

Walking Tour with Transportation: Arboretum with Jane K.2024-04-02T12:43:04-04:00

Wanderbirds Hiking Club

Founded in 1934, the Wanderbirds Hiking Club is a 501 (c) non-profit, all-volunteer club that organizes day hikes every Sunday, year-round, for folks in the Washington, DC area. With only a couple of exceptions during the year, you do not have to be a member of the Club to hike with them. Our hikers range in age from 7 to over 80, and we welcome fast, experienced hikers as well as slower or beginning hikers. There's room for all on the trail! Beginning hikers please click here for more information. Just about every Sunday hike goes by chartered bus; occasionally we go by car pool. Just relax, while our experienced coach driver transports you to the trailhead, and enjoy snacks, beverages, and maybe a snooze on your way home. It sure beats driving yourself! Costs The bus fare for this all-day outing is $20 for Wanderbirds club members. Fare for non-members is $25. Both fares are reduced from our earlier prices. Payment can be made via cash or check and it will be collected by the hike leaders on the bus. What else do you know that has gone down in price recently?! When we use carpools, hikers pay a $5.00 administrative fee to the club, and $10.00 to their driver to defray expenses. For hikes beginning inside Shenandoah National Park, the Park Service collects an individual entrance fee of $15.00 per non-commercial bus passenger. This is separate from the Wanderbirds hike fee. Valid, signed, Interagency-Annual (IA-Annual), IA-Senior (formally Golden Eagle or Golden Age) and Shenandoah Annual passes are accepted for entry. Pass holders must have the pass and photo ID ready when entering the park. Pass-holders are allowed 3 guests. This rule typically allows the bus to enter the park without an additional fee. Frequent hikers are urged to invest in a National Park Pass. They offer at least two hikes each Sunday A moderate, comfortably paced hike of 7 - 10 miles which may have up to 2000 feet of ascent, but generally less. Easier hikes can usually be arranged. A longer, faster paced hike of 10 - 13 miles with more climbing, but usually less than 3000 feet. Extensions can be arranged for very fit, fast, experienced hikers. Our hikes will take you to: Virginia, including Shenandoah National Park and Massanutten Mountains West Virginia, including Harpers Ferry and George Washington National Forest Maryland, including Catoctin National Park, Cunningham Falls State Park and the Appalachian Trail Pennsylvania (various state parks, the Appalachian and Tuscarora Trails Local hikes in Rock Creek Park, along the C&O Canal, and elsewhere. For every hike, they provide experienced hike leaders, red arrow trail markers and trail maps. Refreshments are available on the bus after the hike and during the ride home.

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Stead Park

Stead Park offers many activities and common spaces for children of all ages.

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