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Course Description: 

Whether you’re interested in color psychology, mixing acrylic paints, or discovering triadic or complimentary theory, Dominique has a great course on color theory for you. The practical application of the color theories, focusing on the interaction and relativity of color. Students will develop a working color vocabulary through a series of projects illustrating the seven color contrasts. This class will introduce students to the essential information needed to draw and paint still life, landscape, and the figure using the pastel medium. Topics covered: fundamentals of pastel, drawing, underpainting, light and shadow, composition, color theory, basic perspective and figure proportions. Learn everything you need to know about drawing with soft pastels!

Course content:

The course consists of studio assignments, demonstrations, and critiques followed by weekly homework. Participation in class discussion and critiques is crucial for improving the verbal skills in evaluating one’s work and others. Lectures and slides presentations will familiarize the students with traditional and contemporary issues in drawing. Emphasis will be on “seeing,” drawing analytically, process, experimentation, and intent. Working in series, finding various solutions to the same problem will explore resolutions of formal and expressive concerns.

Supply List: Participants are encouraged to bring their own supplies. Iona will have some supplies on hand but these supplies will not be able to go home with participants for home assignments. 

Graphite Drawing Pencils – 2H, HB, 4B, 6B

3/4″Artists Tape

1 Pastel pencil for sketching. Choose a neutral color.
Kneaded eraser
Paper towels or rags 

Soft Pastel set

Tortillions and/or blending stumps

Soft paintbrush (or soft makeup brush)

Dominique Hughes of Zola Monroe Art Group, LLC, will be offering this class. Dominique is a Mixed Media Art Educator who has been devoted to the arts and painting since she was six years old. She began her artistic training at an early age under the close tutelage of her mother, and avid painter, seamstress, and dance instructor. “Choreography was my first form of artistic expression, and it is a joy to merge my movement of thought with the movement of my paintbrush, paper and found objects to build texture to create something completely new.” She is owner of Zola Monroe Art Group, LLC. ZMAG,LLC which provides  services to the community. Dominique has developed art programs for incarcerated youth, adults with acquired brain injuries, people with developmental disabilities, seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as children and the general public.

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