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These days, it is pretty easy to reach your inner self.  Once there, what do you see?  Is there a story you want to tell?  Join us for a group, led by journalist and photographer Judy Licht, that gives you the opportunity to put on paper (or on computer) the story that is in your mind now.

Writing down your thoughts gives you a safe place to explore what is going on in your mind – the worry, the anger, the fear – and it also can give you space to assess the personal strengths you are bringing to this challenging time.

Writing a journal seems like an easy thing to do, but it isn’t always.  A lot of questions spring up.  Who are you writing for, what are you trying to say, what’s your story, where do you start. It can be a simple reflection of the times, an oral history, a poem.  You will have the opportunity to read aloud to the group, keep your writing to yourself, or send it to Judy privately.

This class welcomes newcomers, it is easy to jump in and join.  If you would like to read something you wrote, there will be time for that.  A suggestion for a journal entry for our next class is to sit in front of a window and write your thoughts with an eye to what is outside — the trees budding, the quiet on the streets, or even just the blue color of the sky.

We all have stories to tell and this global time-out can be a good time to write them down.

This session is now closed. We will advertise in the newsletter when a new session begins.

This is a Virtual Event