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This workshop is for painters at any level of experience. It offers information, demos, and practice in using a variety of techniques, tools and methods for applying paint and other media. This invigorating, and inspiring workshop will encourage you to experiment, loosen up, and experience a variety of ways to express yourself with acrylic paint and mixed media. We’ll explore ways to start, develop, and finish abstracted paintings. You’ll have the opportunity to experiment with techniques and composition forms that vary along the continuum between representational and non-objective art.

Topics we’ll cover include:
• Composition & design
• Techniques for abstracting [exaggeration, simplification, etc.]
• Finding inspiration
• References: painting from life, photos, and imagination
• Creating and fostering personal meaning in your art
• Ways to loosen up and be more creative
• Paint and mixed media application techniques
• Many creative ways of applying and removing paint, including the use of stencils and
handmade stamps
• Using a variety of other media
• Discovering ways to create interesting pattern and texture
• Creating and incorporating collage papers
• Making the most of color and value
• Digging deeply and playfully as you express yourself


Dominique Hughes of Zola Monroe Art Group, LLC, will be offering this class. Dominique is a Mixed Media Art Educator who has been devoted to the arts and painting since she was six years old. She began her artistic training at an early age under the close tutelage of her mother, and avid painter, seamstress, and dance instructor. “Choreography was my first form of artistic expression, and it is a joy to merge my movement of thought with the movement of my paintbrush, paper and found objects to build texture to create something completely new.” She is owner of Zola Monroe Art Group, LLC. ZMAG,LLC which provides  services to the community. Dominique has developed art programs for incarcerated youth, adults with acquired brain injuries, people with developmental disabilities, seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as children and the general public.

This event has passed.

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