Strength, Balance and Core with Emma Swain on Fridays at 1:30pm

Join Emma in a specialized fitness program tailored for seniors focusing on strength, core stability, and balance enhancement. Engage in a series of exercises designed to strengthen muscles, improve core stability, and refine balance skills vital for daily activities. Emma’s expertise ensures a safe and supportive environment catering to various fitness levels. Embrace this empowering class to boost confidence, enhance stability, and cultivate an active lifestyle tailored for seniors.

Strength, Balance and Core with Emma Swain on Fridays at 1:30pm2024-04-02T11:29:27-04:00

Balance Gym

Balance gym offers a health assessment, and 3 individualized personal training sessions with their membership.

Balance Gym2024-02-29T19:54:23-05:00

Iona Senior Services – Fitness classes

From yoga to weight training, Iona’s fitness classes are designed to help you maintain or improve your strength, flexibility, and balance. Led by professionals with experience teaching older adults, our classes are open to newcomers and fitness pros alike looking to stay active as they age. Plus, all classes and routines can be modified to fit your fitness abilities and goals.

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