Zumba Gold with Ruth at West End Library

A fun, dynamic dance exercise class. The class introduces easy-to-follow Zumba® moves at a lower intensity designed for older adults.

Zumba Gold with Ruth at West End Library2024-03-06T09:32:04-05:00

Virtual Zumba Gold Tuesday’s with Ruth

Join Ruth for a vibrant virtual Zumba Gold session designed specifically for seniors! Experience the joy of movement to uplifting rhythms and catchy beats, tailored for older adults. This low-impact dance fitness class focuses on cardio, coordination, and fun, ensuring an energetic workout in the comfort of your home. Ruth's expert guidance creates an inclusive atmosphere, making it easy to follow along and enjoy the music-driven exercise. Join us online for an invigorating session that'll keep you active, happy, and grooving!

Virtual Zumba Gold Tuesday’s with Ruth2024-03-11T15:33:58-04:00