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A member of DC Office on Aging’s Senior Service Network, TERRIFIC, Inc. fields issues and questions about aging issues for residents of Ward 2. TERRIFIC, Inc. is an acronym, standing for Temporary Emergency Residential Resource Institute for Families in Crisis, Inc. Since its founding in 1975 by the Reverend Debbie Tate and a group of caring volunteers, TERRIFIC, Inc. has worked to ensure people have access to safe and clean affordable housing, as well as other support services.

These include delivering meals, offering nutrition education, providing counseling and case management services, and offering fun recreation and socialization opportunities.

TERRIFIC Inc. supports activities in some of the affordable housing apartment buildings located in Ward 2, such as the Asian and Pacific Island Center, Claridge Towers Apartments, Downtown Clusters, James Building, Judiciary House, Oasis Senior Center for the Homeless, and St. Mary’s Court.

If you live in Ward 2 and have an aging-related issue, contact TERRIFIC, Inc. via their website or by calling (202) 882-1160.

In-person events are suspended until further notice.
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