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ZMAG’s Intermediate Figure Drawing /Acrylic course–Fall 2022–Beginning September 26, 2022

Although this is a beginning figure drawing class, it is not a beginning drawing class. Some basic drawing skills are recommended.

This course is designed to not only draw/paint the human figure but also understand the structure that lies below the skin and develop a greater understanding of form, structure, and gesture. Through detailed anatomical drawings and gestural figure drawing we will explore how to render the human figure accurately while using photographic references. This course contains 8 classes, each filled with essential drawing and painting techniques. The course consists of assignments, demonstrations, and critiques followed by weekly homework. Bring your own sketchbook – 9 x 12″ and ruler. Other materials provided.

Dominique Hughes of Zola Monroe Art Group, LLC, will be offering this class. Dominique is a Mixed Media Art Educator who has been devoted to the arts and painting since she was six years old. She began her artistic training at an early age under the close tutelage of her mother, and avid painter, seamstress, and dance instructor. “Choreography was my first form of artistic expression and it is a joy to merge my movement of thought with the movement of my paintbrush, paper and found objects to build texture to create something completely new.”

With this background, Dominique‘s work is inspired by the relationship between art, fabric, and dance. Dominique’s artwork is bursting with different creations from paintings to pieces by means of spoken word. She also involves the combination of different art genre to create something not only fresh, but unconventional. She currently teaches Mixed Media Art courses at a Number of schools and centers in and around the DMV. In her life away from teaching, Dominique is a practicing Mixed Media Artist and the Owner of Zola Monroe Art Group, LLC. ZMAG,LLC Provides a service to the community where their intuitive group approach is grounded in the direct experience of engaging many types of people in the art-making process. Dominique has developed art programs for incarcerated youth, adults with acquired brain injuries, people with developmental disabilities, seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as children and the general public.

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