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Viva Vita Co. and Occupational Therapist, Shenandoah University graduate student, Maureen Piotrowski, are looking for older adults to join them on a research study to understand older adults’ experiences of using a virtual reality (VR) program and how it cna influence their satisfaction in daily occupations and feelings of wellbeing.

They would love to have you join them and use a VR headset that will be collected at the end of each session. The sessions will begin on Tuesday, January 24 at 12:45 pm-2:00 pm and run for six weeks ending on Tuesday, Feburary 28. They will take place at St. Alban’s Saterlee Hall.

Participants can withdraw from the study anytime they wish and it is free to join. Please register below. Specific questions may be directed to Maureen at msucheck19@su.edu or call her at 570.704.9308.

This study has been approved by Shenandoah University’s Institutional Review Board, ID #1196.

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