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From Trailblazing beginnings…
The Radcliffe Pitches were founded in 1975 as Harvard University’s first treble-voice a cappella group, performing a tasteful and upbeat repertoire of jazz from the Great American Songbook,  inspired by greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and Frank Sinatra. Mesmerizing melodies and classic elegance make for memorable performances at Sanders
Theatre, venues around the world, and special events like yours!

Our Mission
The Pitches were founded with a mission of breaking down barriers and democratizing access to opportunity for treble voices in the Arts at Harvard. We are grateful for our founders ground breaking leadership, and today we pay it forward with our music: with shared responsibility
to continue to address equity, accessibility, and inclusion issues across the university and beyond.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: [CLOSED]. Please disregard all reminderers we are closed in observance of Memorial Day. Programs will resume 05/28/2024