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‘If you practice Tai chi, you will have the vitality of a lumberjack, the suppleness of a baby, and the tranquility of a sage.’ Find out why this art is considered a cultural treasure, and what makes it such a unique form of health maintenance. You will learn basic training, breathing, and fundamental movements, to increase your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, concentration, and ability to remain ‘calm under tension’. The class may be done standing or sitting, and the movements are adaptable.

The instructor, Joel Timmons, has studied Chinese martial and health arts for over 40 yrs, and Tai chi for over 30yrs. He is a 3x US National Team member, International champion, and has represented the U.S. in the World Championships (1993), and Pan-American Games (1996). Joel has coached award winning athletes in national martial art competitions, and has developed programs for Parkinson’s patients, as well as balance training for special needs populations (seniors, stroke survivors, etc.)

Feel free to review this popular quigong routine that Joel now teaches– https://youtu.be/rSzpTLQap0o

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